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Been meaning to put this page together for a long while. I have so many pics and reviews saved up.

Hi Brenda,

We wanted to post a positive comment on your website but it didn't let us post it. Here is what we wrote, if you would like to use it: Emoji

"If you are determent to get a Husky puppy, Pinto Hollow Farm is the place for you. Brenda and her family are doing an excellent job raising these puppies. The kennels are clean, and the "parents and babies" are very well cared for. We chose little Keira and we absolutely love her. She is calm, and has a great personality. She has the Husky stubbornness, but with consistency and patience she is easily trainable. With 3+ hours of walking all together each day, Keira adjusted well to our RV living and to our 3 year old cat. She is a swimmer, loves hikes, plays fetch, and she enjoys chew bones/toys while under supervision. She has been crate and house trained (disregarding a couple of small accidents) ever since we brought her home 3 weeks ago at age 11 weeks."


Hello, I hope all is well with you and yours! I just wanted to reach out to update you on Murphy. He’s pretty much amazing!!!! He has the funniest personality, his hobbies are trying to convince the cats to be his friends (though he hasn’t been successful!), talking nature walks through the woods around our home, chewing on his antlers, and playing with his “little people”- especially taking them for walks, haha! Oh, and he’s adorable, of course! It seems he got his daddy’s cheeks- the bullseye markings.

Once we have him fully trained we plan to add a playmate for him, probably around a year to a year and a half. And of course it will be another Pinto Hollow Husky!

Thank you again for helping us add this wonderful, four paw addition to our family!




My daughter changed her name to Meadow. She’s doing great!

I wanted to share this photo of tala at 1 year. She’s a beautiful girl. Sabella and kipper made an amazing dog. Her markings a really good too. I always recommend you when I know someone looking for a husky. Thank you! 

Dear Brenda

I bought Leia in 2020 and I thought you would like to see what she looks like so Im sending you a picture of her in the snow.


Happy New Year! It looks like you had a busy holiday season. Wishing you all the best.

Mia (as we call her) has adjusted well and loved our snow day earlier this week. She is such a delight!

Hope you and yours enjoyed a wonderful holiday season. Zeke and Luna are doing great and continue to settle in well. I attached a variety of pics from the past month.

Zeke's still cautious and contemplative and copies everything Guardian does. It's a riot. Unlike Guardian, however, he loves to sit and take in the world like he's a wise old soul. And I mean literally sit like a person. Cracks us up. Included two pics. One on his favorite step and one in the sink during bath time. I call him my little heart because of the heart on his face.

Luna is a peppy, happy little angel. She's the underdog of the pack due to her size, but she's a heck of a scrapper with a huge personality. She remains full of wanderlust and keeps me on my toes. Much to my delight, she mastered fetch weeks ago where Guardian never did (not a shepherd or husky thing as far as I know). Zeke's only mildly interested because Luna gets so many fun praises when she retrieves the ball. Both Zeke and Guardian act like the whole affair's beneath them lol.

I'll send more pics down the line. Until then, wishing you and your pups all the best. Thanks for such wonderful dogs!

Hello Brenda,

I hope this email finds you well and that your family, you and your dogs are having a great holiday season.

I wanted to catch up with you and show you pictures of Basil since I picked him up in March this year.

The only time she is still enough for a pic is when she’s in her kennel 😂 but here is Embry! She’s doing great!!

I just realized Reszo’s 2nd birthday is coming up soon, and that Arris will have another litter coming right around that same time! I thought you might enjoy seeing how our boy Reszo is doing, so here are some photos. I thank you so much for bringing this little goofball into our lives, I couldn’t imagine having survived this crazy last year and a half without him.

Monika and Reszo 

I have a bunch more I will be adding soon !

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