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HOLIDAY SPECIAL! say you saw it on my website to get an additional $100 off the purchase of any puppy. There is younger puppies available  on the next page.

We have lots of available puppies priced between $100 to $500.

Available Now - 

Sabella/Lushion 12/15/22 litter - 1 female "Trixie" $500 limited AKC

Amira/Kasey 2/17/23 litter -

1 male "Desi" $300 limited AKC

Sasha/Steva 2/19/23 litter - 

2 males "Eddy" & "Abel"

each $100 limited AKC

1 female "Destiny"

$500 limited AKC

Irma/Steva 2/24/23 litter - 

1 female "Laya"

$500 limited AKC

Damie/Kipper 3/6/23 litter - 

2 males "Damon" & "Zander"

each $100 limited AKC

Megan/Kasey red & white 5/4/23 litter -

1 male $200 & 2 females

$500 each limited AKC

Cinny/Kasey 7/25/23 litter -

4 males red & white $400 w/ 

limited AKC

Sonyador/Steva 8/2/23 litter -

4 males 1 red/ 3 black & white $400 each & 1 female light red & white

$500 w/ limited AKC

Katrina/Lushion 8/3/23 litter - 

(ready 9/28/23) 

1 male black & white $400 & 2 females 1 white/ 1 red & white

$500 each limited AKC

Shania/Kasey 8/9/23 litter - 

(ready 9/20/23)

1 red/white male $400 & 3 white females

$500 each limited AKC

Sabella/Lushion puppy Trixie - Available for $500 w/limited AKC

Amira's Male "Desi"- available for $300 w/limited AKC

Sasha's Male "Abel" - available for $100 w/limited AKC

Sasha's Male "Eddy" - available for $100 w/limited AKC

Sasha's Female "Destiny" - available for $500 w/limited AKC

Irma's Female "Laya" - available for $500 w/limited AKC

Damie's Male "Damon" - available for $100 w/limited AKC

Damie's Male "Zander" available for $100 w/limited AKC

Megan's Male 2 - available for $200 w/limited AKC

Megan's Female 2 - available for $500 w/limited AKC

Megan's Female 3 - available for $500 w/limited AKC

We are always taking deposits for our future litters deposit list. Visit the "Purchase/Deposit info" page for more info about how to get on the deposit list for a future litter. The list will require a $100 deposit that does deduct from the purchase price.


Our deposit list is one running list that allows each person in order to pick or pass on puppies from each litter as it arrives and you can only move up on the list if you don't get to choose a puppy and your deposit will continue to roll over until you do get your puppy. For instance if #1 gets first choice and if they pick a puppy then they drop off the list and #2 moves up or if #1 chooses to pass then 1st pick can go to #2 and so on. When the puppies are born I will start contacting people on the list by email in order to let them know what puppies are available. You need to get back to me within 48 hrs. or I will have to assume that you are passing. Keep in mind that even though you have to decide on the puppy so soon after birth that you have up until it is 6 weeks old to change your mind if in the event the puppy does not turn out like you want, eye color etc., and be put back on the deposit list to wait for future litters. 

Remember if you are on this list you need to be checking your email at least once a day around the time litters are due. When it is your turn to pick I will contact you by email only and I will send at least 2 emails within a 48 hr. period. If I do not receive a response from you I will have to move on down the list and I will be marking you with an asterisk and you will be required to contact me to get it removed.

Our current Husky deposit list is as follows - names with the * will not be contacted unless they contact me first

#1 Jessica C. - male all white or red & white *

#2 Asleigh J.- male *

#3 Nicole G. - red & white female *

#4 Matt H. - male - *

#5 Martin M. - female black/white or gray/white *

#6 Jordan Y. - white or black & white female *

#7 Claudia V. - male black & white, red & white or gray & white *

#8 Kimberly B.

#9 Carole H.

The people marked with a * are ones that have been out of touch or otherwise know that they need to contact me before a litter is born if they are going to be interested in picking a puppy. I will keep anyone on the list unless they otherwise request to be removed, but I will not waste everyone's time contacting and waiting to hear from someone who has not answered me in the past. Keep in mind that your deposit can be transferred to a friend or family member.

I had to do some cleanup on the deposit list because having all the additional names of people who have been out of touch for 2 or more years and may possibly never be in contact again only discourages potential puppy buyers from wanting to get on the deposit list and this leads to me having unsold puppies. All of you were offered puppies more than once. I have wrote every name down that I removed, so if your name disappeared from the list and you decide that you want to try again at getting a puppy, just contact me and I'll put you back on the list.

For more info and/or to make arrangements to be added to the deposit list or contact list, you can email me at ( I'm in & out a lot and will answer emails faster than phone messages) You can Phone me at home 276-790-7897  if no answer please leave a message I will return your call asap.

We accept online credit card payments thru PayPal as well as cash or Wal*Mart money transfers. Sorry no personal checks or other deposits through the mail.

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