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More Khloe!

Loki - :) he's extremely energetic and playful. He's quite the hunter. And he's extremely vocal , lol, have never met such a talkative husky

Winter - We love her so much. She is so much a part of the family. I just wanted to thank you again for her

Just wanted to drop you a quick message and let you know that Izzy is doing well. She is almost 15 pounds and is a smart little puppy. Here are a couple of pictures.



My husband and I were talking last night and we just wanted to send a quick thank you to you. We got Harley from you right before Christmas this past year as a surprise for our 2 kids. She has brought so much love and energy into our home we truly could not ask for a better dog. She is growing so fast and is so smart. She is a little mischievous but we wouldn’t have it any other way, she defiantly keeps us on our toes. I’m so thankful that we were able to find Harley, the great job you do with breeding the dogs really shows through in her. I attached a couple of pictures of Harley now for you to see how much she has grown. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to have such a special dog become such a big part of our family.

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