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1 Huskies live for 15 years or more and want to spend them in close contact with their pack, their human family. Will you be able to satisfy the many breed-specific demands of this dog for that long?

2 Huskies are working dogs that need to be kept busy much of the time. Are you prepared to spend most of your free time with your Husky for more than 10 years? Do you and your family love outdoor activities, even in winter and bad weather? Do you live in close proximity to running and exercise areas?

3 Huskies are extremely social. They do not like to be left alone and need to be close to humans. How much human companionship can you give to this pet?

4 Keeping a Husky can become expensive. In addition to routine expenses for food and supplies, there may be steep veterinary bills when health problems occur. Are you willing to pay in return for the pleasure of living the Husky experience?

5 Do you know a reliable person who can spend sufficient time and effort on the animal when you are traveling without it?

6 Are you aware of the fact that your Husky will shed veritable mountains of hair twice every year?

7 Are your family members free of allergies to dog hair and dander?

8 If you intend to keep more than one Husky, be aware of the fact that they will howl from time to time.


Siberian Huskies belong to the group of working dogs that originated in Nordic countries. Their most important traits are their medium size, a well-furred body with a foxlike brush-shaped tail, and strongly erect ears. Their body type enables them to pull moderately heavy loads over long distances, their gait appears fluid and effortless. The coat consists of an outer layer of guard hairs and a dense fine, and soft undercoat. The tail is curved like a graceful sickle over the rump, never curled. It hangs down when the dog is resting and when the dog is pulling a sled. All colors are recognized, from black to pure white, as well as a variety of markings on the head. Males measure 21 to 23 inches at the withers, females 20 to 22 inches. Males weigh 45 to 60 pounds, females, 35 to 50 pounds.


This dog is an enthusiastic working dog, yet friendly and gentle. Highly intelligent, these animals take a keen interest in their environment, love to play, and are quick learners. Adult Huskies may act a little more reserved, but they are never aggressive toward their human or canine companions. This breed is definitely not suitable as guard dogs; while Huskies can howl quite a tune, they are not barkers. From an early age on, this breed requires consistent and patient training. To keep this dog happy, you must plan on extensive outdoor activities and many other diversions.

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