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So do you want "Limited" or "Full" AKC Reg. for your new Puppy? 

That's the question that can be easy to answer when you know what they each mean.

If you are just looking for a new family member and have every intention of spaying or neutering your dog to prevent unwanted pregnancies then "Limited" is for you. Your dog can still be registered with the AKC (American Kennel Club) is still eligible for some show events if you decide you want to show your dog and still has a traceable lineage that traces back to some of the first Siberian Huskies ever brought to America. It does mean though that any offspring of a dog with "Limited" AKC is not eligible for AKC Registration.

"Full" AKC is just like it sounds, the puppy/dog is eligible for all AKC Breed show events and it's offspring can be registered with the AKC when it is bred with another dog of the same breed that is also registered with "Full" AKC reg.

Now unlike most breeders I do not require you to spay or neuter your puppy when you purchase it with Limited AKC because you can always upgrade your dogs registration to Full AKC if you change your mind after the dog grows up and you decide that you have a quality dog that you want to breed or show.

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